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Nitlux Ingenieria offers  comprehensive  management services  for the development of  facilities by  its  department  of studies and projects.  Through the project  management  we take charge of  optimizing the  execution of work  and the hiring and development  of  turnkey projects. 

Our  quality and environmental management  system  allows us to  develop projects  of quality facilities carefully designed, technically  reliable and economically viable.

We focus on  a clear goal, we work closely  with the client, listening, advising, offering solutions  in line with  its principles to get the best results.

Some of  the services we provide  are:

  • Lighting  of  sports fields, highways,  urban  roads, tunnels, walls  and monuments.  Includes  lighting study  and materials.
  • Low voltage electrical power solutions and transformers.
  • Projects for  airlines or  underground  energy distributions  at low and  high voltage.
  • Projects  for installation  of  electric power, solar  photovoltaic power,  micro  CHP, mini  wind power. 
  • Processing  and legalization  of any  type of electrical installation.
  • Processing of  documentation  with the distribution companies.
  • Projects as an energy service company:
  • Energy audit.
  • Project design.
  • Construction  and installation.
  • Exploitation
  • Operation and maintenance.
  • Control, measurement and verification.